Free ESL Classes for South Orange County, CA

Learning English

Trained volunteers teach free English classes for several hours during one or two days every week at various locations throughout south Orange County. At most of these locations, there are separate sections for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. To attend, follow the instructions at the top of the Locations page.

For general information in English about the South Coast Literacy Council and ESL classes:

  • Call Harriet at (949) 770-0642

If you have questions and are not comfortable speaking English on the telephone, you may call one of these numbers:

  • If you speak Catonese Chinese: call Yuk at (626) 759-2113
  • If you speak Farsi: call Mahin at (949) 633-3387
  • If you speak Japanese: call Ahdoja at (949) 351-5486
  • If you speak Korean: call G at (949) 305-2788
  • If you speak Spanish: call Peter at (949) 498-3662

Why Is Speaking English Important?

More people speak English than any other language except Mandarin -- more than those who speak Arabic and French combined. English is the native language of more than 350 million people. Moreover, English is the international language of diplomacy, business, science, technology, banking, computing, medicine, aviation, engineering, tourism, and Hollywood films. Spoken English is used in the best careers and the best universities, and is essential at most job interviews. You need to speak English properly to take full advantage of life and opportunities in the United States.

Materials to Help You Learn English

Easy Everyday English is a very friendly website for helping English learners become more comfortable speaking English in typical American conversations. It has over 3000 words or phrases with super-simple definitions and easy-to-understand examples. You will not learn these things in most English classes. It even contains examples of "Not So Nice" and "Really Bad" words that are not polite.

New! The EnglishClub website provides lots of help for learning English with lessons for grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

For advanced students, the Vocabulary page lets you listen to important vocabulary words, learn the correct pronunciations, and test yourself about each word's meaning and spelling. It's also a good opportunity to practice listening to an English speaker whose voice is not familiar.

Other Free ESL Classes

These nearby organizations also provide free ESL classes:

Other Organizations and Programs for Learning English

READ/Orange County a county organization whose mission is to create a more literate community by providing diversified services of the highest quality to all who seek them. The organization has Literacy Centers located in 11 Orange County libraries that provide specialized collections of materials for tutors and students. READ/Orange County provides:

  • Tutoring in basic literacy skills.
  • Lessons that are confidential, individualized, and highly goal oriented.
  • Training for volunteers who want to help others read and write.
  • Ongoing support services to learners and tutors.
  • Workplace literacy programs for local businesses.

These websites explain ESL programs that are available:

  • The Literacy Information and Communication System Literacy Directory shows locations of ESL and literacy programs for adults and children.
  • The ESL Directory helps ESL students around the world locate ESL programs in various cities.

Resources for Multicultural Parents